In the Heart of the Forests: Poisson Blanc

Getting stuck inside the house because of the pandemic made everybody long for outdoor sceneries and nature in general. We can all agree that nothing can beat nature’s comfort and the peace it gives us, especially when we need alone time. So, in case you’re looking for inspiration for a cabin in a secluded area, Poisson Blanc is the answer to what you’re looking for.

This minimalistic bright white chalet is located in the heart of Quebec’s forests. Its name is derived from the lake where it is located. The exterior of this cabin shows the minimalistic yet stylish design it has, making it blend with the white snow during winter and stand out beneath the tall trees during other seasons.

The slick and minimalistic theme it has does not just apply to its exteriors has also to the interiors, offering you a welcoming ambiance. Like its bright white walls, the vaulted ceilings and the support beams of this chalet is also of the same color.

It has light gray floors which is a great color you can match with white when aiming for a minimalistic and polished design. Unfinished woods were used for built-in shelves in the living room area and kitchen cabinets inside this cabin and it creates a great warm contrast to the whites and grays and gives off a very earthy vibe which is what you need upon feeling a need for connection with nature.

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