Should I Take CBD Oil Before or After Workout?

Over the years, people have tried to find ways to improve their workout habits and experience. Today, CBD oil is a great solution to many workout complications. It is becoming increasingly popular globally, especially as more researchers discover new uses across many fields.
If you hit the gym often or you work out on your own, CBD offers multiple benefits for you. However, the right time to take it can be confusing. The answer to the question depends on your needs and expectations. To maximize the benefits of CBD, here are some ways you can use this …

Thanksgiving Meal But Make It Healthy

Occasions like Thanksgiving make us stuff our faces and end up having a food coma for eating lots of food with a total of 4,500-plus calories. Now, we don’t want that, especially if we are leaning toward a healthy lifestyle. So, here are some tips for some Thanksgiving dishes on how you could make it healthier and burn the calories you got from it:
Turkey – (1/2 cup is equal to 206 calories)
How to make it healthier?
Avoid the skin and eat more of the turkey’s lean meat, especially the breast part. Perform exercises like push-ups, squats, abdominal crunches, and other exercises that need protein for muscle …

Outdoor Biking Amidst Quarantine

Exercising is one way to calm oneself that both your mental and physical health will benefit from, and biking is one of the great exercises that do both. Nothing feels more right with biking, so here are 3 tips on how to start safe biking amidst this quarantine about gear advice, route selections, and safety.
Tip #1: Start by having the two most important gears you need to have: a bike and a helmet. Abide by the basic road rules. Avoid riding on sidewalks unless you got no choice but to do so. Be aware of your distance from vehicles and be sure to keep enough space, especially if the road’s wet or icy.
Tip #2: If your bike …

The Best 20-Minute Fast Muscle-Building Home Workouts

Losing weight, developing healthy eating habits, and building muscles, are just some of the factors to achieve fitness goals, but achieving it will always depend on the goals they make according to a 25-year-old lifestyle entrepreneur, Nick Carrier’s Best You Podcast host, and Orangetheory trainer, Nick Carrier.
He released his “Best You 10 Week Fitness Goal-Setting Program” that will be launched to clients on January 1st and these 10 workouts will surely help you gain those muscles at home within 20 minutes.
“20-Minute Bodyweight Workout with Nick”
This exercise starts with a very easy warm up. Begin by …