Three Steps on Smoking Cigar like a Pro

A cigar is very much different from cigarettes, vapes, and even e-pods. Aside from having an impact of being classy upon usage, cigars are also being respected for their prideful history and esteemed wealthy audiences of the market. Although you know how to light and use either a cigarette or a vape, using a cigar for the first time might cause you confusion since it is on a different level.

Nobody wants to be ridiculed and laughed on the back of other people’s minds, so we prepared a guide that will help you on smoking your first ever cigar like a pro.

1. Know the types of cigar and choose the one that suits your taste

There are 3 different types of cigars, mild, medium, and bold cigars. Assuming that you’re trying it for the first time, we recommend you use the mild type before using the other two. Here are the common types of cigars:

  • Belicoso
  • Churchill
  • Corona
  • Lonsdale
  • Panetela
  • Robusto

2. Know do’s and don’t’s upon cutting the cigar

Always remember that before lighting up a cigar, you need to cut its tip. The best way to cut it is by using a cigar clipper in a strong and fast motion to avoid damaging the cigar. You can only use a knife when you got no choice but to do so. Just be sure to use a very sharp one so the cigar won’t get torn.

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