Outdoor Biking Amidst Quarantine

Exercising is one way to calm oneself that both your mental and physical health will benefit from, and biking is one of the great exercises that do both. Nothing feels more right with biking, so here are 3 tips on how to start safe biking amidst this quarantine about gear advice, route selections, and safety.

Tip #1: Start by having the two most important gears you need to have: a bike and a helmet. Abide by the basic road rules. Avoid riding on sidewalks unless you got no choice but to do so. Be aware of your distance from vehicles and be sure to keep enough space, especially if the road’s wet or icy.

Tip #2: If your bike is equipped with a disc brake, do not use it too quickly as it might cause you to fall over the handlebars. Study it first on how you should use it before going for a ride since this gear is suited for wet roads. The same goes for bikes with clip-in pedals. Try practicing it first until you get used to it so you can ride flawlessly outside.

Tip #3: Ask a mutual or some of your friends what route is the safest. Try joining them on their rides so you could have a guide and an idea where to head next. Just be sure to wear a face mask all the time, avoid close interactions, and only talk to them through chat or messages for everyone’s safety as well.

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