Thanksgiving Meal But Make It Healthy

Occasions like Thanksgiving make us stuff our faces and end up having a food coma for eating lots of food with a total of 4,500-plus calories. Now, we don’t want that, especially if we are leaning toward a healthy lifestyle. So, here are some tips for some Thanksgiving dishes on how you could make it healthier and burn the calories you got from it:

Turkey – (1/2 cup is equal to 206 calories)

How to make it healthier?

Avoid the skin and eat more of the turkey’s lean meat, especially the breast part. Perform exercises like push-ups, squats, abdominal crunches, and other exercises that need protein for muscle buildup since turkey meat is very rich in the said macronutrient.

Mac and Cheese – (1/2 cup is equal to 105-200 calories)

How to make it healthier?

Pick full-fat cheeses since it will make the mac delicious and healthy as it will produce great fats. Perform cardio for this dish and those carbs will surely be burnt.

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy – (1/2 cup is equal to 89-183 calories)

How to make it healthier?

Avoid putting too much gravy as much as possible. A 30-minute jog would burn those carbs away.

Pumpkin Pie – (a slice is equal to 243 calories)

How to make it healthier?

Reduce the sugar on the pie. Use alternatives that don’t contain too many calories. Do 4 sets of sprints for 37-40 meters. Don’t forget to take rests in between.

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